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Body Contouring With BTL VANQUISH ME®

You can benefit from body contouring if you struggle with stubborn fat on specific body parts. You can consider BTL VANQUISH ME®, a minimally invasive treatment that reduces excess fat without the risks associated with surgery.


With it, patients can achieve a sleek physique to enhance their overall weight loss results. It uses contactless fat cell disruption technology to achieve the desired results comfortably and safely.




BTL VANQUISH ME breaks stubborn fat in areas such as the abdomen and thighs, where fat continues to linger beneath the skin.


Radiofrequency energy penetrates the skin, heating the fat cells and damaging them. The body eliminates the damaged cells permanently. The device can treat a large area without the usual weight limitations. 


Candidates for BTL VANQUISH ME


BTL VANQUISH ME is ideal for people who want to reduce their body circumference around the thighs and abdomen. People who want to achieve their desired body contour without surgery can benefit from the treatment.


Good candidates are people who cannot waste time and the cost associated with cosmetic surgery. Individuals who are not eligible for surgery can get the treatment. It is ideal for people who have attained or are close to a healthy weight range. 



The surgeon begins by designing an individualized treatment plan for the patient. Most patients require four treatment sessions scheduled one week apart. Note that the practitioners will customize treatment to suit the patient’s goals.

Each session takes 45 minutes for the abdomen and 30 minutes for the thighs. Patients remain awake and comfortable during the treatment. You can read, relax, or listen to music during the session.



Studies show most patients can experience a 29.5% fat reduction in the target area. The results can remain for years after the treatment. Most patients report noticeable results after the second week after the body eliminates damaged fat cells. The noninvasive procedure does not require downtime; many people schedule the treatment over lunch. Most people can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure. 



The contactless treatment is different from other contouring techniques. It treats large areas, resulting in more uniform shaping effects. Patients with different BMIs can benefit from the treatment.


Most patients experience comfort during treatment that produces a warm sensation. The sensation usually lasts several hours after the procedure. Lying down during the treatment allows patients to relax quickly.


Patients can expect a reduction in their thigh or abdomen circumference. The contouring results will depend on factors such as the patient’s BMI. Optimal results are usually evident after a few months.


Embracing a healthy lifestyle after the treatment will help you maintain aesthetic results. While you do not regain the lost fat cells, you should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Most individuals are motivated to live a healthy lifestyle as they enjoy the results of the body contouring procedure.


For more on body contouring with BTL VANQUISH ME, visit SD Bombshell Aesthetics at our office in La Jolla, California. Call (619) 663-3003 to book an appointment today. 

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